YIZUMI and Frimo collaborate to work on “Injection Molding + PU Processing Combination Technology”

Yizumi and Frimo partner for PU+Injection moldingA cooperation agreement on the project “Combination technology Injection Molding plus PU Technology”  has been signed between Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and one of the world’s leading technological manufacturers Frimo from Germany. Both the parties have the vision of carrying out long-term cooperation on this project and thus, serving their customers with holistic solutions.

To cope up with the ongoing trend of upgrading automotive industry’s weight and surface, YIZUMI joined hands with the German Frimo Group in order to develop and market a process for the inline combination of thermoplastic components with PU surfaces. It will be highly used in automotive interior parts like instrument panels, door panels, A/B/C/D columns, etc. which is likely to enhance the quality and look of the interior parts. This will also provide customers with efficient, innovative, technologically advanced molding solutions and new breakthroughs.

Frimo’s headquarter base is in Germany with 12 branches spread worldwide. These branches include a mold and equipment manufacturing base in Shanghai. With almost 40 years of professional expertise, Frimo has developed a specialization in the development and manufacturing of high-quality plastic component production equipment for various applications.

Its mold and equipment technology has been really popular among automotive manufacturers and system suppliers across the world. However, it has also reached the customers from plastics processing industries. Currently, Frimo stands as a world leader in the development of system solutions for the production of high-quality composite parts.

In the past few years, YIZUMI has shown tremendous commitment to connect China and advanced molding technology of Europe. These efforts have been in line with the objective of transforming from a Chinese equipment manufacturer to an international advanced technology solutions provider.

The “Injection Molding + PU Processing Combination Technology” project is planned to exhibit at this year’s Chinaplas, K 2019 and various other exhibitions. In all those platforms, customers will get a demonstration for upgrade solutions of automotive decorative functional parts.

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