World Top Importing Countries for Rigid Pipes, Tubes & Hoses

This infographic shows the top importing countries for Rigid Pipes, Tubes & Hoses


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Rigid Pipes, Tubes & Hoses Import Market Overview 

France is the leading importing country in the world for Rigid Pipes, Tubes and Hoses. It imported US$ 363mn worth of rigid pipes, tubes and hoses. The polyethylene pipes & tubes occupied the major share of France import market at 36%. The other leading importing countries were Germany (US$ 311.5mn), United States (US$ 272.8 mn), Canada (US$ 181.5 mn), Mexico (US$ 176.5mn), UK (US$ 165.1mn), Iraq (US$ 132.9 mn), Netherlands (US$ 123.6 mn), Italy (US$122.5 mn) and Switzerland (US$ 106.5 mn).

Polyethylene pipes, tubes, and hoses occupied the major share of import market for most of the countries.

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