World Top 10 Importers of Bath, Shower Baths, Sinks and Washbasins, of Plastics


Demand for the Plastics bath, Shower baths, Sinks, and Washbasins have been continuously growing due to increasing requirement of innovative, stylish and efficient sanitary ware products. An advance plastic material is used to replace stainless steel and copper to meet basic hygiene standards. The adoption rate of plastic Baths, Shower baths, Sinks, and Washbasins is higher than other materials due to cost advantage and easy maintenance.

Market Insights

Consumers have increasingly preferred Plastics Sanitary ware as they offer unique designing, quality product that offers longevity and luxury. These days’ manufacturers are focusing on product differentiation by creating more distinguishing designs using variety of different materials having more natural look, soft texture and subtle color.

Consumer awareness regarding modern bathrooms which have digital and advanced technologies involved with usage of Plastic baths, Shower baths, Sinks and Washbasins has added value to the Plastics sanitary ware market.

Top Importers of Bath, Shower Baths, Sinks and Washbasins, of Plastics

The United States of America was the leading country in importing Plastics sanitary ware in 2016. It imported Plastic baths, shower baths, sinks and washbasins worth $US 151mn followed by Germany worth $US143 mn.

The other major countries importing plastics sanitary ware in 2016 were France (US$137 mn), United Kingdom ($US71 mn), Japan ($US69 mn), Belgium ($US65 mn), Russian Federation ($US64 mn), Canada ($US54 mn), Italy (US$450 mn) and Austria ($US33 mn).

Market Drivers and Challenges

The Plastics bath, Shower baths, Sinks and Washbasins products market has witnessed continuous growth due to improvement in economy, increased infrastructure development, rise in health and hygiene standards of people, growing population and focusing on home building innovations.

Demand for efficient Plastics Sanitary ware products is also growing especially in developed countries like United States of America and United Kingdom etc as people there are aware and more concerned for sustainability, water efficiency and environmental impact of components on environment. Primarily UK population has greater demand for efficient bathroom equipment’s which have unique designs along with modern features.

Competition among suppliers is growing in Plastics baths, shower baths, sinks and washbasins market regarding designing and pricing of products.


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