World Top 10 Countries Producing Passenger Car in 2017

The production of Passenger Cars has been continuously increasing from last few years. More than 80 million passenger cars were produced globally in the year 2017.

China has been the leading producer of passenger cars with 23.5 million cars in 2017. The annual growth  (2016-17) rate in production was 4.4%. China is not only the largest producer but also a leading consumer of vehicles. China alone accounts for 29% of global car production in 2017

China is followed by Europe with the production of 16.9 million units of cars in 2017. The European market holds around 21% of car production globally in 2017.

The production of passenger cars is declining in North American market. The United States saw a decline of -11% in 2017.

Remaining top 10 producing countries include Japan (8.2mn units ), The United States (8mn units), India (3.8mn units), South Korea (3.7mn units), Mexico (2.9mn units), Brazil (2.2mn units), Canada (2.1mn units ) and Iran (1.4mn units).

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