World Drone Market

This infographic shows the worldwide market for the drone.

World drone Market

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World Drone Market Overview

The world drone market was worth of $10.2bn in 2015. The market is expected to grow to US$127bn by 2020. The largest share of drone market for the end-use is in the infrastructure industry. The drone demand for infrastructure industry was worth $45.2bn in 2015. The other major end-use market was agriculture worth of  US$32.4bn followed by transport (US$13bn), Security (US$ 10.5bn), Entertainment (US$ 8.8bn), Insurance (US$ 6.8bn), telecommunication  (US$ 6.3bn) & mining at US$ 4.3bn. The use of the drone in infrastructure occupies 26% of entire drone market.

The growth rate of use of drone will see a positive trend in Americas and APAC region from 2015 -2020. The top companies of drone are Parrot and DJI. The drone market is still evolving and will see a lot of technological advancement which will grow the market at a rapid pace. The size of the market and opening up of new industries for drone use will depend on how the government world over will frame the regulation for drone use. As drone industry holds a lot of potential a lot of investment is going into the market. Some of the top investment were of Mavrx ($11.9 mn), Sky Futures ($ 11.8mn) and followed by others.

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