Workaround, Albis Plastics and BASF jointly improved Smart Glove with the use of Ultramid Vision

smart glove with Ultramid Vision

Workaround, Albis Plastic, and BASF collaborated to improve smart glove with the use of Ultramid Vision. An important component of the smart glove ProGlove has been modified. Ultramid Vision is now being used on the integrated scanning unit. The process is simpler, quicker and safer. Leading branded manufacturers working in the automotive, logistics and chemical sectors, are using the ProGloves.

Ultramid Vision B3K, made of semitransparent polyamide, is used as an important component of the glove. The semi-crystalline polyamide permits transmission of light without any hindrance and is appreciated with its high transmission rate and low light scatter.

Rainer Xalter, the product developer in the Performance Materials division at BASF, said, “Last year, we brought Ultramid Vision to market, the world’s first partially crystalline polyamide for semitransparent to transparent components. Thanks to its excellent media resistance and temperature stability as well as its good scratch resistance, this outstanding material is suitable for use in demanding environments.”

Benjamin Schindler, who assisted with the project at Albis, commented, “The requirements were appropriate resistance to chemicals and high translucence to ensure that workers can see the signals from the internally fitted LEDs. Polyamide proved to be suitable for this application right from the outset. Thanks to its outstanding properties, using the new Ultramid Vision was therefore an obvious choice.”

BASF is able to offer special product specifications with the support of Ultramid Vision B3K UN. Different levels of light diffusion and various colors can be adjusted in accordance with the customer requirements. Ultramid Vision can be used in a visual inspection of the parts. Ultramid Vision offers a variety of design options in wide range of industrial sectors such as automotive, construction or consumer goods industry.

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