WITTMANN MicroPower series replaces conventional injection molding machines at Yonwoo

Yonwoo Microseries Injection Molding Machines

Korea based company named YONWOO is the largest manufacturer of packaging for the cosmetics industry. It has recently announced to replace its conventional injection molding machines with machines of the MicroPower series from WITTMANN BATTENFELD. The new series from WITTMANN is specifically designed to cater to the needs of injection molding of micro parts.

A family owned business established in 1983 is currently having a workforce of around 1500 employees and stands among the world’s leading manufacturers of cosmetics packaging with a high technological standard. The remarkable success of YONWOO is attributed to the continuous efforts made by it to develop its products and their strict quality control.

The company has a wide range inclusive of all types of cosmetics containers, such as cream jars and tubes, make-up containers, oil pumps, sprays, foaming devices etc. However, one of its prominent product lines is a range of dosing pumps firstly developed by YONWOO in 1990. Earlier, these pumps were imported from Japan to cater to Korea’s cosmetics market base. The pumps make use of the Airless technology developed by YONWOO. This technology enables an accurate and consistent release of the dosing volume.

50% of YONWOO’s production is consumed in Korea itself while the other half is exported. It serves the markets of Europe and the USA. The company’s customer base comprises of big names such as Loreal, P&G and Estee Lauder.

YONWOO has taken the decision to replace making of small individual components such as sealing caps, check valves, piston cylinders and housings with MicroPower machines from WITTMANN BATTENFELD and hence, do away with the conventional methods. The company has already ordered 12 such machines.

It was in December 2016 that this project of replacing conventional injection molding machines with machines from the MicroPower series started. However, it took rounds of further optimization by YONWOO in association with WITTMANN BATTENFELD. Also, the first mold was introduced in May 2017 with successfully tested in the presence of YONWOO staff members.

The feature of the new series machines is that they are equipped with a rotary disk. As a special highlight, it should be mentioned that the injection volume, which is 4 cm³ for the MicroPower as standard, will be increased to 6 cm³ for the first time in one of the machines. Seong Ho Kim, Team Leader M&I Technical Center at YONWOO, shows himself impressed by the short response times and uncomplicated, good cooperation with WITTMANN BATTENFELD, and is looking forward to further close cooperation.

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