Wittmann Battenfeld plans to introduce SmartPower with higher clamping forces ranging from 600 to 4000 kN

Smart Power Wittmann GroupWittmann Battenfeld , a division of the Wittmann Group, headquartered in Vienna/Austria, is leading manufacturer of injection molding machines, robots and peripheral equipment for the plastics processing industry.

It originally introduced the SmartPower in clamping force sizes ranging from 250 to 1200 kN in 2014 at Fakuma, which was extended to 3500 kN after one year in view of the customer demand for a machine with higher clamping force. The company has now planned to extend further the clamping force ranging from 600 to 4000 kN.

SmartPower is a pivotable injection unit up to size 3400 providing a facility for easy access to the nozzle and screw and easy servicing of the screw. In addition, the SmartPower is highly energy efficient with a highly dynamic servo-hydraulic drive with a low noise level. The kinetic energy recovery system enables all of the deceleration energy to be used within the machine. Highly dynamic servo drive controls the injection process efficiently. Effective fall 2017, the SmartPower is delivered with the new Unilog B8 control system, which runs under Windows 10 IoT offering user-friendliness and functionality.

Wittmann Battenfeld will officially release the SmartPower with a clamping force size of 400t at its tenth-anniversary celebration in mid-June. The new capacity machine, the SmartPower CombiMould, with clamping forces ranging from 600 to 4000 kN, will also include multi-components. Each injection unit in the SmartPower CombiMould is equipped with its own servo-hydraulic drive that offers energy efficiency and independent parallel operation of all injection aggregates with the shortest possible cycle times.

The servo-hydraulic SmartPower having large distances between the tie-bars enables installation of larger rotary units and larger molds making the machine series ideally suited for multi-component operation.

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