WITTMAN minimizes unproductive downtime with its patented the SmartRemoval function

Wittmann Smart Removal

The machinery manufacturer WITTMAN has patented SmartRemoval function for minimizing downtime. It is integrated as standard in Wittman W8 and WX robot generations  injection molding machines, which automatically shortens the time required for removal of the parts from the mold area without the involvement of any operator. The machine is therefore available for work for the extended time thus increasing the uptime.

Injection molding machine operators give top priority to minimize the unproductive downtimes of the machine to recover their investment in the machine in the shortest possible time. Reduction of unproductive time of the machine not only improves the efficiency of the machine but also contributes in energy saving of the system by reduced heat loss caused by the mold standing open for any length of time.

Another important advantage of this is in the improvement in the ultimate process quality by offering a more consistent process quality. SmartRemoval only influences the time required to remove the part from the machine leaving the injection molding process completely untouched. All parameters set on the processing machine are unchanged.

WITTMANN robot issues ejector signal, based on the previous automatic measurements, before it arrives at the part removal position, so that when it arrives at the parts removal position, it can take over the parts directly without waiting for the ejector’s response. This process is termed as ‘Move In”. Similar measurements are taken for “Move Out” phase. The aim of these measures is to eliminate from this process the delays caused by electrical signal transmission.

20% removal time of the parts can be saved in case of the small robot from the W18 series. However, in the case of larger models such as the WITTMANN WX173 robot, a reduction of almost 30% can be reached.

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