Wholesome!® Founds New Eco-Friendly Packaging and Joins the How2Recycle™ Movement to Celebrate Earth Month

Wholesome Eco Friendly PackagingWholesome! is ready to announce its revolutionary eco-friendly and balanced packaging initiatives to celebrate Earth Month. The company has always understood its environmental responsibility, which drives it constantly to introduce greener packaging options.

Last month, i.e. in March, the firm re-introduced its Organic Blue Agave line as a custom recyclable green bottle. For the same, it partnered with Studio One Eleven of Berlin Packaging. The custom bottles carry plant-based PET (polyethylene terephthalate) by up to 30% and are recyclable and free of BPA. Berlin Packaging provided the bottle as well as the closure, along with preforms which were meant particularly for Wholesome!. The bottles will be available late summer in 11.75, 23.5 and 44 ounces.

Berlin Packaging’s packaging consultant, Tara Wolff affirmed, “Moving to a plant-based resin reduces the consumption of petroleum used to make traditional PET plastic, lowers carbon dioxide emissions during PET production and utilizes a renewable resource.”

Now, the company has joined hands with a standardized labeling program dubbed How2Recycle, which aims at making recycling easier for consumers, not only to understand but to execute as well. With this move, Wholesome! has become the first among the organic sweetener brands to take part in How2Recycle movement. The purpose is to promote recycling education.

How2Recycle has proposed a universal recycling language using special on-package logos. Consumers can easily understand the instructions that the logos provide for every individual recyclable packaging piece on a product. Wholesome! seeks to integrate all the logos with its organic granulated sugar pouches, thereby transforming the rest of its US products into a package that carries a How2Recycle’s “store drop off” logo over the coming year. As per the company, the logo will guide the consumers to throw their empty pouch in plastic bag recycling bins. Most of the grocery stores have these bins. On the other hand, How2Recycle looks forward to having its recycling logos on maximum consumer goods packaging by this year’s end.

Marketing Director Sarah Miller said, “Wholesome! has been committed to sustainable, organic agriculture and ethical, Fair Trade sourcing programs since our start 15 years ago. We continue to believe that protecting the integrity of the environment yields a safe and beautiful future for the planet and its people.”

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