Westfall Technik takes over injection molding company NPI Medical

NPI MedicalWestfall Technik, Inc., has taken over NPI Medical as its first east coast injection molding company to enhance the reach time to market for the medical device and disposable market.

Westfall Technik, a new global holding company, offers highly-productive plastics manufacturing solutions in the field of medical, consumer packaging and consumer goods industries.

Westfall Technik has modern automated systems, correlative molding processes, and effective industry 4.0 concepts. Its brand is known for high quality, excellent value, fast response for shorter time-to-market.

The company carries out 100% inspection and offers pallet to pallet and beyond traceability. Westfall Technik is supply chain security compliant and can be trusted for reliability due to an excellent team.

Located in a well-developed manufacturing site that offers both a clean room and white room molding, primarily for medical devices and disposables, NPI Medical has built its facility on an area more than 66,000 Sq. Ft is containing 46 injection molding machines with capacity ranging from 28 to 330 tons of clamp force.

Two ISO Class 7 and one ISO Class 8 clean rooms for both injection molding and assembly occupy 3,450 Sq.ft. area. Having capabilities from prototype to production for “New Product Introduction”, NPI Medical provides complementary capabilities and increased scale to the Westfall Technik group of companies.

Westfall Technik has been able to dramatically reduce costs and time to market with collaborative efforts with the two design firms and tooling capabilities of 10 Day Parts and Fairway Injection Molds.

The NPI Medical facility supports Westfall Technik a significant presence on the east coast and offers the ability to expand the facility to 100,000 Ft2.

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