Wanhua-Borsodchem Partners with Huawei Technologies for Intelligent Manufacturing in Budapest, Hungary

Wanhua-Borsodchem and Huawei Sign AgreementOn July 28, 2016, one among the middle and east Europe’s largest chemical enterprises, Wanhua BorsodChem joined hands with renowned global information and communications technology solutions provider, Huawei Technologies. The deal was agreed upon by Wanhua Industrial Group Co., Ltd.’s President, and Wanhua BorsodChem’s Chairman & CEO, Mr. Ding Jiansheng, and Huawei Technologies’ CEO, Mr. Zheng Weifeng, in Budapest, Hungary.

Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Péter Szijjártó, and Political Counselor of the Chinese Embassy, Ms. Chen Xiaojun, also attended the ceremony.

Weifeng affirmed in his speech, “We (Huawei) are very pleased to sign the strategic cooperation agreement with WanhuaBorsodChem, one of the largest chemical companies operating in Hungary and we believe this will be an important milestone for both companies in our development in Hungary.”

He said that Huawei, as per the business demands of BorosdChem, will use an open technical framework and will offer modern, cutting-edge and diversified products and solutions. It will, therefore, boost BorsodChem’s pace towards intelligent manufacturing. In fact, it will equally push forward business development for the two firms.

Jianshengsaid, “Wanhua BorsodChem is a company focusing on manufacturing of high-end chemical materials and ranks among the top 5 of Hungary’s manufacturing industry. Today, with the witness of guests and friends from Chinese and Hungarian governments and other business circles, we will sign this strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei Technologies.”

Wanhua BorsodChem and Huawei Technologies, as per the report, are two among the biggest Chinese investors in the country. Both also come up with the most innovative solutions in their respective areas. Together, the companies provide an opportunity for almost 5000 working positions. According to the new deal, the two firms will cooperate in the Information and the communications technology (ICT) area down the road, which may comprise teamwork in creating big-data center as well as cloud-based technology and network that could allow for machine-to-machine communication.

Jiansheng added, “Through cooperation, we will set up our European Informatization Center in Hungary, deepen and upgrade the level of our intelligent production and finally realize industry 4.0 (or the fourth industrial revolution) in our company.”

The two companies have agreed to include additional local personnel and suppliers so as to encourage economic growth at local and regional levels.

Mr. Péter Szijjártó and Ms. Chen Xiaojun acknowledged and appreciated the joint effort of the two firms under the agreement.

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