Victrex to showcase high-performing PEEK thermoplastics for the food and beverage industry at Fakuma

ictrex Food Grade PEEK Polymer

Victrex, a company with cutting-edge polymeric solutions, streamlined production facilities, application development expertise, and unmatched technical support, is presenting a dedicated PEEK food grade portfolio at the Fakuma show in Germany during 16-20 October, 2018.

The new “Victrex FG” family of high-performing thermoplastics are cost-effectiveness, productive and offers high performance when compared with metals for OEMs in meeting the stringent regulatory and quality demands affecting the food equipment industry. Victrex PEEK offers an opportunity to optimize efficiency and reduce production costs in comparison to the use of metals to food and beverage manufacturers.

Injection molding, when compared to the metal processing for production of parts, can reduce component cost. Metal components require costly multi-step machining. The selection of more optimal materials such as high-performance polymers and/or designs can reduce the total ownership cost for parts due to prolong component lifetime and cut in costs in downtime or loss in product quality.

Steve Dougherty, Director Manufacturing & Engineering at Victrex, said, “To protect the consumer and implement social and environmental standards, the regulatory landscape for materials used in food, drink and potable water is becoming increasingly complex. Updated, more stringent requirements in combination with demands for improved taste experiences, longer shelf life, clean labels, product differentiation and consumer safety add further challenges, which the Victrex PEEK food grade portfolio can help to address.”

Victrex FG portfolio are food grades that conform with stringent testing as per all or at least one of the regulations: FOOD: The USA FDA 21 CFR 177.2415 regulation, the European EU 10/2011; the South American Mercosur GMC RES 02/12; 32/07; 32/10; WATER: The United Kingdom´s WRAS and the German KTW.

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