US Plastics Product Export to the World

This infographic shows the US exports of plastics product


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US Plastics Product Export Overview

US plastics product export has increased from US$ 23.38bn in 2011 to $US 27bn in 2015.  The growth of plastics product export in 2015 was stagnant.  The export of plastics plates, sheet and film occupied the largest share of 29.28% amounting to $US 7.9 bn. The second largest segment of US plastics product export market was of packaging and caps with a share 19.06% amounting to $US 5.14 bn followed by self-adhesive plates, sheet & film (10.9%) worth of $US 2.72 bn. The export of tubes, pipes and hoses was worth of US$ 2.68 bn with a share of 9.94%. The top 4 segments occupied almost 70% of the market share of US plastics product export.

The top import destination for US plastics product was Canada & Mexico. Mexico imported plate, sheet and film worth of $US 2.1bn followed by Canada worth of $1.79bn. Mexico and Canada are biggest trading partners of United States for plastic products. Other major trading partners are UK, Ireland, China, and Japan.

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