Urban Resource Successfully Recycle Ocean Plastics into Cosmetic Container

Ocean PlasticsUrban Resource Group Inc. founded in 2015 and an affiliate of Canada Fibers Ltd. has successfully carried out collaborative trials with Lush Cosmetics involving recycling of ocean plastic into cosmetic containers. Turning harmful litter into the eco-conscious packaging. Lush delivered plastic collected from a six-month long, volunteer-led ocean cleanup project to Urban Resource Group’s plastic recycling facility in Toronto, Canada in late 2016. Urban Resource Group took converted the tattered, assorted mix of plastic into a high-quality plastic pellet to use in a standard manufacturing setting.

Urban Resource Group successfully produced plastic pellets meeting the specifications of Lush for making 100% recycled cosmetic containers. Urban Resource Group looks forward to testing new sources of ocean plastic and processing higher quantities in the coming year.

Gary Calicdan, Lush Ethical Buyer, commented on the pilot project, “Urban Resource Group was willing to adjust their system to support this important environmental cause. Their technological abilities allowed them to transform broken down pieces of ocean plastic into high-quality pellets that hit our standards. I’m very happy they accepted the ocean plastic – it’s been great having them as a partner in this initiative.”

“We are keen to be pushing the frontiers of material recovery and recycling with leaders like Lush. Together, we are providing creative solutions to global problems”, said, Mark Badger, a senior executive with Urban Resource Group and Canada Fibers Ltd.

Rachel Morier, Director of Sustainability at Packaging Consortium, added, “It is inspiring to see the good that can come from leaders teaming up to address a common challenge. It sets an example for the industry where true collaboration can lead to new opportunities for sustainable packaging.”

Urban Resource Group works closely with Lush for waste diversion and improved packaging sustainability.

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