Trützschler and EREMA Signed an Agreement for Producing Yarn From Recycled Polyester or Blends of Virgin PET Chips

Yarn From Recycled Polyester or Blends of Virgin PETCollaboration agreement

Trützschler and EREMA have signed an agreement to work in collaboration with each other in the area of recycled materials, especially of R-PET. The collaboration covers BCF lines to produce carpet yarns by spinning recycled polyester or blends of virgin PET chips and recycled flakes.

Trützschler and EREMA have jointly developed a carpet yarn plant for BCF yarns from recycled PET. The reactor, the extruder, and the polymer filters were delivered by EREMA. Trützschler provided Man-Made Fibers, responsible for spinning, drafting and winding.

The product range offered by the collaboration includes a VACUREMA Basic Line and secondary components from EREMA which feed the inline connected symTTex spin positions of Trützschler Man-Made Fibers with a high-quality polymer melt.

Use of recovered secondary raw materials

Flakes from the used PET bottles, the recovered secondary raw material, have been a popular commodity due to cost considerations in both the plastic and in the fiber industry for long. The bottle flakes have to be treated with special care to improve the quality of raw material, which plays a decisive role in spinning the thermoplastic polymers.

The modern technology

EREMA’s VACUREMA technology offers modular solutions with a vacuum reactor, a directly connected single-screw extruder and a high-performance filter for this process step. The high quality of the melt with respect to viscosity (IV value) and purity provide top-quality filaments. The upstream processes have little impact on the directly following spinning process since only small pressure fluctuations occur during backwashing or screen changes.

Trützschler’s R-PET-spinning technology is based on the proven system components for spinning primary chips. The process involves the well-known spin packs and the double-shell godets, the HPc-texturing system and the fully automatic winder.

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