Trinseo supplying Advanced Resins for Smart Home Applications

Trinseo Advance Resin for Smart Electronics

Trinseo, a global materials solutions provider has made its EMERGE Advanced Resins available in the Currant Smart Outlet, a smart home product manufactured by consumer electronics company Currant. With the smart outlet and a corresponding mobile app, Consumers has the facility to receive a breakdown of their power usage as well as personalized suggestions to reduce energy consumption with the help of  smart outlet along with a corresponding mobile application, which is powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

EMERGE Advanced Resins produced by Trinseo has been in supply for the application during the prototype stage, which is now in production. The materials is in use in all the applications ranging from the outer housing to internal components.

Trinseo’s proprietary CALIBRE Polycarbonate Resins are used in the production of Trinseo’s EMERGE Advanced Resins, which is a specialty compound.

Tony Kam, the TS&D technical development specialist at Trinseo’s Tsing Yi facility in Hong Kong, said,  “This particular application shows the versatility of Trinseo’s CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins as a base material. The materials have all been designed to meet the specifications of each part or component, including design and weight requirements, UL safety standards, and aesthetics.”

Currant selected Trinseo due to its sample stock program, ability to extend technical service support from prototype to mass production, and ability to coordinate support throughout the North America to the Asia Pacific.

In addition, Trinseo has color matching capability along with the ability to achieve an ultra-bright white. Trinseo has its color lab in Hsinchu, Taiwan as well as its newest color capabilities in Mussolente, Italy, which came through the acquisition of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), Italy, the manufacturer API Applicazioni Plastiche Industriali S.p.A. (API).

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