TricorBraun makes South American Joint Venture with Amfora Packaging

TricorBraun“TricorBraun has made ‘TricorBraun South America SAS’ a 50-50 joint venture in South America with Amfora Packaging”, said Keith Strope, President, and CEO, of TricorBraun. “This is an exciting business combination that will allow us to gain an even deeper and more rapid foothold in a number of South American markets.”

Carlos Acedo, General Manager of Latin America for TricorBraun, said: “The new joint venture will cover five countries in South America: Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Venezuela”.

For the past eight years, TricorBraun has been developing business in Mexico and South America, which would have taken substantially more time if carried out on its own. Acedo, said, “We have aggressive growth plans and our relationship with Amfora instantly provides us with a more fully functioning, broad-based business model.”

TricorBraun’s global, world-class resources with Amfora’s local knowledge of markets and customers offers the perfect combination for integrating the two organizations, said Acedo. “We’re ‘glocal.’”

“The association of Amfora Packaging with TricorBraun, enables us to bring to South America one of the world’s leading packaging companies,” said Arango, the General Manager of new joint venture TricorBraun South America SAS. “TricorBraun’s marketing, design, and logistics capabilities are available on five continents. Coupled with an impressive network of global suppliers, our combined offering is one of the industry’s most complete alternatives for plastic, glass and dispensing systems.”

“We are confident that customers will find TricorBraun South America to be a strategic ally that provides unlimited packaging options to meet their needs and highlight their products,” added Arango.

TricorBraun, an industry leader in glass and plastic containers, closures, dispensers, and tubes operates from more than 40 locations throughout North America and internationally from London, England: Guangzhou, China; Hong Kong, and Mumbai, India.

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