Trays Present Convenience Solution for Mussels

Tray MusselsSpain’s renowned seafood producer’s microwavable mussel dish range is seeing its packaging in RPC Bebo Food Packaging’s plastic trays.

It is Angulas Aguinaga’s concept which will ensure convenience to consumers of cleaned, fully prepared and cooked mussels, which will have a special tomato sauce or their own juices. This means these will take only a few minutes to be prepared to eat. Angulas Aguinaga delivers and prepared the sensibly chosen mussels from Galicia in 24 hours or less while it assures their freshness and quality.

Reports found that RPC Bebo’s Kristiansand site produces the thermoformed HDPE trays in different sizes – 400g and 1 kg. These trays have round design which makes sure that these turn in the oven during heating. The handles at both the ends help carry them while allowing to avoid the risk of getting the fingers burnt while taking them out of the microwave.

The black tray creates an on-shelf impact by contrasting effectively to the multi-coloured carton sleeve. Besides, more consumer convenience is ensured by an easy peel-off sealing film. Mariscos Linamar, the largest mussel producer of Spain, supplies the mussels to Angulas Aguinaga. RPC Bebo Food Packaging has had a long-term working relationship with Mariscos Linamar.

Mariscos Linamar’s Dorry Solla said, “The trays from RPC Bebo offer the combination of attractiveness and functionality that is essential for this type of convenience ready-to-eat product. We are sure they will make an important contribution to the success of the new range.”

Angulas Aguinaga’s Inma Larraňeta stated, “The trays are very user-friendly and their quality appearance reflects the premium nature of the product.”

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