Toyoda Gosei introduces Glass Run for Stylish Automobile Appearance and Quietness

Toyodo Glass Run DoorToyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. headquartered in Kiyosu, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, has developed glass runs with a new structure that will provide a more stylish appearance and quieter vehicle cabins. The newly developed product is used on the new Lexus LS.

Glass runs are plastic sealing products and are fitted to automobile window frames to prevent noise, rain and wind from entering the vehicle cabin. The new material plugs the gap between the glass and window frame and helps smooth opening and closing of the windows.

The new glass run, having won the CE Special Award from Toyota Motor Corporation, has replaced the conventional glass runs having a square U shape and holds the edge of the window glass and forms a seal, creating a surface offset between the glass surface and center pillar. The design of the new product has a changed cross-sectional shape. This offers a seamless, unified look to the front and back side window glass, contributing to a stylish exterior befitting a premium sedan. Simultaneously, it reduces the wind noise generated by the surface offset for a quieter vehicle interior cabin.

Toyoda Gosei is keen to have a sound insulating performance with the advance of electric vehicles and is committed to developing new products for comfortable vehicle cabin spaces.

Toyoda Gosei, a leading specialty manufacturer of rubber and plastic automotive parts and LEDs, provides a variety of high-quality products internationally, with a network of approximately 100 plants and offices in 18 countries. Toyoda Gosei is a global supplier that aims to deliver the highest levels of quality, innovation, and satisfaction to customers worldwide through its flexible, integrated global supply system and leading-edge technologies for automotive safety, comfort, and environmental preservation.

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