Toyoda Gosei develops Plastic Battery Case for Electrified Vehicles

EV BatteryToyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has recently developed and launched a battery case which is made of plastic. The idea that floats behind this innovation is to accommodate the big sized and number of batteries in electrified vehicles. Such battery cases are used on the Corolla PHV and Levin PHV which Toyota Motor Corporation started selling in China in March 2019.

These cases enhance the battery life by maintaining a perfect balance and gap between the stored batteries which lets them to be cooled by outside air brought in through ventilation holes in the sides. Moreover, these cases are insulated with internal conductors in the plastic to secure good performance.

Toyoda Gosei has been continuously striving to utilize its expertise in the field of rubber and plastic and focuses on optimization of cooling systems around batteries and lessen their weight for the sake of improved performance of the automobiles

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