Toray launches highly flexible PPS Resin for automobiles

Hollow modeled pipingToray Industries has recently announced that it has achieved the milestone of developing a new polyphenylene sulfide resin which has the world’s highest flexibility level and also maintains its superior heat resistance along with chemical resistance. The company has planned to propose applications of the new resin basically for automobiles in April this year. This will also pursue expansion of the application in various industrial material fields.

A super engineering plastic, i.e., PPS resin has well-balanced superior heat resistance and chemical resistance properties. Moreover, its sales are flourishing at an annual rate of around 7%. Its usage is widespread in automobile applications. This needs heat resistance, lightweight, and high strength to substitute metals and PPS resin containing elastomer that is used in applications which need flexibility like washers and automobile piping.

But there is a limit to add flexibility to PPS resin and maintain heat resistance and chemical resistance simultaneously. The development of PPS resin with high flexibility has been seen as a challenge for some good number of years now.

Toray succeeded in the development of the novel PPS resin, with the world’s highest flexibility level of 1,200 MPa or less in elastic modulus, by optimizing the polymer structure using its innovative material design based on a technology database accumulated in research and development over many years and the alloy precise control technology based on its proprietary nanoalloy technology.

The mechanical strength of the new PPS resin does not deteriorate even after 1,000 hours of treatment at 170℃, and it has also been confirmed to have high resistance to acids and vehicle coolants, which is required in the actual operating environment. The company also has been driving forward verification of processability with an eye on deployment in automobile piping application and optimization of resin property.

The lately developed PPS resin is likely to enable the usage of resin for automobile piping. However, it has not been possible till date. Moreover, PPS resin also enables decrement in the number of parts used and process simplification. Toray has already started suggesting the material to be used for automobile piping. Its also preparing for a production system for the resin towards full-scale promotion of the material.

In the Toray Group Sustainability Vision announced in July 2018, Toray has declared offers of essential solutions through the provision of innovative technologies and advanced materials to balance the challenges of development and sustainability faced by the world.

This new PPS resin is the result of evolving the two core technologies of polymer chemistry and nanotechnology.

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