The First Thai Brush Co. collaborates with Kraiburg, Germany to produce Tooth Brush using Thermoplastic elastomers

Victory Thai TPE BrushThe First Thai Brush Co., Ltd. Thailand, has collaborated with Kraiburg TPE, Germany to produce the highest quality of toothbrush using Kraiburg TPE’s thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) to enhance the ergonomics and functionality of its Victory toothbrush product lines with a soft-touch grip.

The First Thai Brush decided to redesign the handle of its Victory toothbrushes to achieve the objective with a flexible material with food-contact approval, superior design freedom and efficient processability, including compatibility with other plastics in a co-molding process without the need for a bonding agent to ensure long-term adhesion. The elastomeric material for the brush handle offers a pleasant soft-touch and non-slip grip enabling the users to have optimal cleaning motion with less pressure.

The First Thai Brush and Kraiburg TPE, used a high-transparency food-contact grade from the Thermoplast K range of consumer care compounds to deliver smooth silky surface finish with the perfect proportion of flexibility and hardness. The other features of the material include high flowability and excellent adhesion to polar thermoplastics, such as PC, ABS, and PETG, with superb colorability for versatile promotional effects. These characteristics enabled to have large flexibility in design, form, and function to add unique features to the Victory toothbrushes of The First Thai Brush.

Kit Tae, Deputy Managing Director of The First Thai Brush, said, “Beyond the right material, the success of any product greatly depends on smooth development and fast time-to-market. Apart from assisting us in the selection of the most suitable compound for this application, Kraiburg TPE took on our challenges as their own and went the extra mile to support us with their expertise throughout the entire project.”

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