The European Commission starts the Circular Plastics Alliance to increase the share of recycled plastics in the supply chain

Plastics Waste RecyclingThe European Commission has started the Circular Plastics Alliance of key industries to cover the full plastics value chain to reduce plastics littering, increase the share of recycled plastics and help market innovation.

The Circular Plastics Alliance will make efforts to improve the economics and quality of plastics recycling in Europe. Matching between supply and demand for recycled plastics is found to be the main obstacle to a well-functioning EU market of recycled plastics.

The launching of the Circular Plastics Alliance will contribute to achieving at least 10 million tons of recycled plastics into new products on the EU market by 2025.

“Close cooperation within and between all the links in the plastics value chain is essential if we are to achieve a true circular plastics economy and ensure that recycled plastics find their way to new products, instead of into landfills or the incinerators”, said, Frans Timmermans, First Vice President responsible for sustainable development. He, added, “The Circular Plastics Alliance aims to facilitate this cooperation, building on the commitments the plastics industry has already made and encouraging even more ambitious action. Europe already leads this, and Europe will be the first one to reap the benefits as well. This is the best way to show the world that circular plastic economy is good for the business and good for the environment.”

Jyrki Katainen, Vice-President, responsible for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, commented, “European industry has already clearly committed to more sustainable plastics with the pledges that they have submitted to the Commission. Business understands this is an opportunity to innovate and to become global frontrunners in new technology and materials, in line with circular economy logic.”

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