The Compound Company invests €8 million to double its production capacity

The Compound Company - EcoForteThe Compound Company, headquartered in Enschede, the Netherlands, the fast-growing manufacturer of EcoForte thermoplastic performance compounds and Yparex extrudable adhesive resins, has decided to increase its production capacity to double with investments totaling to €8 million.
The expansion plan is to meet increasing demand for the company’s high-quality specialty compounds and responsive service model. Building and construction, packaging, automotive, medical and PV module producers are the main customers of the Compound Company.

Wouter van den Berg, Commercial Director of The Compound Company, commented, “We are happy to see a significant growth in demand, not only because the market is growing, but also because more and more customers are choosing our newly developed products and services. These investments will help us to meet the demand for our proprietary products, and ensure capacity for our custom compounding partners.”

The second compounding plant, to be built on an area of 8,000 square meters, starting in December is expected to be installed in February and test runs, and samples’ production are set for March next year. Production from the new plant is scheduled to start on 1 April 2019.

The Compound Company’s production capacity will increase from 30 to 60-kilo tonnes per year. The additional capacity will be used to produce its own EcoForte and Yparex branded products, as well as to increase capacity for its custom compounding partners. Both Plant 2 and Plant 1 will be standby to each other maximizing the flexibility.

Wouter van den Berg, added, “In addition to the big volume manufacturers, there is a need for smaller, more flexible, more customized and more co-development type compounders, and this is exactly where we position ourselves.”

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