Thailand and Alibaba Cooperate to Help Thai SMEs Succeed in Online Commerce

alibaba-group-agreementWitnessed by Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister SomkidJatusripitak and Alibaba Group’s Executive Chairman Jack Ma, a Letter of Intent has been signed between Thailand and Alibaba to cooperate on a range of initiatives to develop e-commerce in the country through providing training to SMEs and individuals, and exploring ways to enhance the country’s logistics capabilities.

Four key areas covered by the agreement include: (1) Offering e-commerce training to 30,000 Thai SMEs to aid their access to both domestic and international e-commerce platforms. (2) Thailand and Alibaba to collaborate on the creation of a nationwide People and Talent Development Program to train around 10,000 individuals to become proficient in digital technology. (3) Alibaba and Lazada will contribute to the development of the country’s supply chain and logistics systems by sharing their experience and expertise with Thailand Post. (4) Alibaba and the Thai government will explore cooperation opportunities under the Eastern Economic Corridor Development project and help establish Thailand as a hub of digital technology and regional data centers in Southeast Asia.

Happy with the initiative, Somkid Jatusripitak said, “In order to strengthen the competitiveness of Thailand’s SMEs and help them succeed in an increasingly digital era, the Prime Minister has earlier assigned responsibilities to a task force made up of government agencies and private enterprises to work with Alibaba in a joint effort to lift the export capabilities of Thai businesses, starting from the grassroots and community level and extending to mid-tier businesses operating locally and SMEs hoping to engage in export trade.”

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