Tetra Pak to launch a Paper Straw for its portion-size carton packages

Tetra Pak Portion Size CartonTetra Pak aims to launch a paper straw suitable for its portion-sized carton packages before the end of the year. This initiative is as part of a broader programme to help address the issue of plastic straw waste.

Straws if not disposed of properly, can become part of the plastics waste. Straws play an integral functional role in portion packages. It is important to push straws “back in the pack” once empty for simultaneous collection along with the rest of the package. Efforts are being made to develop a paper straw suitable for use on its portion-size carton packages.

Charles Brand, Executive Vice President, Product Management & Commercial Operations, said,  “It sounds simple enough but in reality, there are a number of significant challenges to produce a paper straw with the required properties.”

Tetra Pack is confident have an alternative to paper straw alternative ready to launch by the end of the year. Tetra Pak packages are about 75% paperboard, and paper straws would be another important step towards the company’s long-term aim in offering a completely renewable portfolio.

Tetra Pack, founded in 1951, has been working together with its customers to make food safe and available everywhere. Tetra Pak has developed a range of packages to protect both the nutritional value and the taste of the products inside.

Tetra Laval Group, headquartered in Switzerland, is a private group that started its operations in Sweden. The Group has three companies: Tetra Pack, DeLaval, and Sidel.

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