Tetra Pak Index 2018 says Smart Packaging to play important role in the growth of On-line Grocery

Retail ForecastAccording to Tetra Pak Index 2018, launched today, packaging technologies based on unique digital codes will enable both online and off-line grocery to grow in many new areas in the coming years. Tetra Pak Index 2018 is a global market segmentation study, which is based on consumer research conducted through interviews of e-retailers in the US, UK, China, Saudi Arabia and Korea.

Four key trends shaping the growth of on-line grocery have been highlighted in the Tetra Pak Index 2018, which include convenience, sustainability, personalization & uniqueness and Technology and performance.

Key opportunities under convenience include easy product replenishment, voice, and convenient packaging. Consumers are aware of the importance of sustainability wherein pressure on plastic and awareness of the circular economy and recycling have become more important.

Customization of products and personalization in the consumer journey are parts of personalization and uniqueness, will continue to remain important differentiators. Extremely high-speed delivery is going to influence the consumer behavior to buy more frequently and in smaller amounts thus resulting in more complexity for the logistics. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) and robotics technologies will increase the efficiency and transparency.

“The rise of on-line grocery is a great opportunity for food and beverage brands, and packaging plays a key role in supporting their success. In particular, smart packaging helps drive greater transparency and efficiency in the supply chain, up and down stream, while also enabling a direct, interactive relationship with the consumer”, said, Alexandre Carvalho, Director Global Marketing Services at Tetra Pak. He further added, “We believe this rapidly developing technology, tried and tested by us since 2016 and now being deployed in Europe, can help our customers explore new avenues, driving growth in the years ahead.”

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