Teijin to acquire Renegade for expansion of Carbon Fiber Business

Renegade facilityTeijin Limited has announced its agreement to acquire Renegade Materials Corporation which is a leading North American supplier of highly heat-resistant thermoset prepreg for the aerospace industry. Post acquisition, Renegade will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Teijin.

Teijin Holdings USA Inc. will come into the picture to purchase the shares of Renegade. Its been anticipated that the acquisition will probably get closed after the customary conditions are satisfied including receipt of regulatory approvals.

Teijin will get the advantage of Renegade’s well-established proprietary technologies and solution capabilities in the field of heat-resistant thermoset prepregs to enlarge its business base in aerospace field including next-generation aircrafts’ engine parts. As a consequence, Renegade’s products will get a wider market reach. Teijin has expertise in carbon fibers, intermediate materials, and global sales network. Therefore, global marketing initiatives will be supported by none other than Teijin’s carbon fiber business. Moreover, Teijin Carbon Fibers, Inc. plans to launch a new carbon fiber production facility in South Carolina by the end of FY 2020, Teijin Carbon America, Inc. – a carbon fiber sales base in Tennessee, and Teijin Carbon Europe GmbH- a core company of the carbon fiber business in Europe.

Despite its applaudable expertise, Teijin is continuously striving to strengthen its fiber and intermediate materials businesses to catch deeper hold of its position as a leading provider of solutions for aerospace applications. Teijin has targeted to exceed the annual sales of USD 900 million by 2030.

U.S. and European aircraft manufacturers and aircraft engine suppliers show immense trust on Renegade’s heat-resistant thermoset prepregs. This company has risen from a resin manufacturer in 1993 to a leading provider of aerospace applications in 2007.

Teijin is in support of bringing strong, lightweight, high-performance materials that offer environmentally sensitive solutions for improved fuel efficiency. Teijin is know for its TENAX carbon-fiber-filament yarn which is essentially used for primary and secondary structural parts for aircraft. TENAX carbon fiber and TENAX TPUD carbon-fiber thermoplastic unidirectional pre-impregnated tape were qualified by Boeing as advanced intermediate composite materials for primary structural aircraft parts.

Shukei Inui, General Manager of Teijin’s Carbon Fibers Business Unit, says: “Demands for highly heat-resistant thermoset prepregs are increasing in the global aerospace industry. Renegade offers well-established technologies and sales channels in this field, so we expect this acquisition to help us expand our related applications development and global business.”

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