Tecnaro GmbH installs KraussMaffei Berstorff Extruder to double the production capacity of Biocompound

ZE Basic twin-screw extruderTecnaro GmbH, bioplastics specialist, has doubled the production capacity of its biocompound in the Ilsfeld-Auenstein facilities by installing a new compounding line with ZE Basic twin-screw extruder of KraussMaffei Berstorff. It is fully equipped to meet the ever-increasing demand for tailored alternative plastics compounds with cost-effective large-volume production.

Tecnaro, founded in 1998,  committed to the production of biocompounds, specializes in technologies for the industrial use of renewable raw materials in plastics processing. Tecnaro is a global supplier of its products and almost to all branches of industry.

The bio-degradable raw materials of the Arboblend series are widely used for packagings, office supplies, household items, film, and sheets as well as for other semi-finished products. The demand for the third Tecnaro product line,  based on filled compounds made from renewable raw materials suited for the production of household items, packagings, technical profiles, and chairs, is greatly increasing.

Jürgen Pfitzer, Chief Executive Officer of Tecnaro GmbH, said, “We started with second-hand machines, one of which was originally delivered by KraussMaffei Berstorff. This is one of the reasons why we opted again for a compounding line from Hannover. The recently installed new line is a ZE Basic 62 twin-screw extruder for a maximum output rate of 800 kg/h. This extruder will enable the compounding company to double its production capacity per year”. He, added, “The possible scale-up of our formulations for the production of larger quantities of specific compounds on the new extruder is of decisive importance to us.

The twin-screw extruders of the ZE Basic series are ideal for the wide products of Tecnaro due to versatility and are suitable for about 80 % of all plasticizing, filling and reinforcing applications.

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