Tax on Plastic Bags and Packaging in European Union

Shopping BagThe European Union is planning to propose a tax on plastic bags and packaging to help fill a budget gap and “in the interest of the world’s oceans,” the bloc’s budget chief said.

According to a report by AEA, plastic waste generation in European Union is anticipated to rise in a proportionally significant way for all sectors. In terms of environmental impact, the most significant trends are: Rising use of plastics – The primary plastics feedstock will remain fossil fuels, despite the anticipated rapid rise in the production of bioplastics. Rising levels of plastic waste generation.

Guenther Oettinger, EU Budget Commissioner said in Brussels on Wednesday, “What we wish to do is reduce the total volume of plastic in the environment. We are going to be proposing the possibility of introducing a tax on plastics to incentivize the reduced use of plastic packaging.”

According to Oettinger, China is planning to curb imports of plastic waste and other scrap for recycling as helping to spur the EU’s move. Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries trade group indicates that China accounted for half of the world’s plastic scrap imports in 2017.

Oettinger, said, “Since Jan. 1 of this year, China has closed its markets to plastic waste and will no longer accept plastic waste for reprocessing, we have to ensure that we reduce the quantity of plastic used in Europe.”

Oettinger said the details of how to apply the tax are still to be decided.

“We have to look how this can best be approached — would it be manufacturers who would have to pay up at the beginning of the production cycle, or would it be at the end of the consumption chain.”

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