SuperLock Pack Makes Unique Product Egg Sale Successful in U.S.

superfos scrambleScramble™, a vegetable mix for egg dishes, which is available in RPC Superfos’ SuperLock® pack, is selling successfully in the United States.

CleverFoodies, a start-up firm, introduced this product, which makes it really easy to cook scrambled eggs, frittatas, and omelettes faster. Users need to just whisk some eggs with water or milk, put in their preferred mix-in, and cook to enjoy the dish.

The SuperLock® pack goes through the injection molding process and has a jar-like feeling. Though, polypropylene is used to produce the same. The pack, which comes with a double-sided print on its click-on screw lid, has a large space for cooking instructions and brand messages. Leafy Greens, Rancheros, and Mediterranean are three kinds of the new vegetable mix, all of which are sold in the chilled section, alongside the eggs.

CleverFoodies’ owner and co-founder, Marc Gascon said, “Our products’ success rests on several factors: we bring something new, natural and tasty to the egg section in the counter. We have a partnership with leading egg distributors, and we have the right pack that lets us use clear and colourful illustrations and leaves space for cooking instructions.”

Scramble™ is unique enough to form its own section for convenience food. The product is a huge success in over 3,000 supermarkets, including SuperTarget and Publix, in America.

Gascon further stated, “The SuperLock® pack is new to the American market and therefore it is a good match for a new product category. The lid differentiates our products from others and its oxygen barrier gives us the desired shelf life.”

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