Sumitomo to introduce latest generation of all-electric Injection Molding Machines ranging from 500 to1,800 kN

Sumitomo AllElectric Injection Molding MachineSumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery GmbH in Schwaig near Nuremberg/Germany turns the spotlight on its new IntElect series of all-electric injection moulding machines. It will present a live demonstration of  the machines in the upcoming show at Milan. The three exhibits will include two integrated system concepts with robots and a conveyor belt.

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, one year ago, introduced the second and latest generation of IntElect all-electric injection moulding machines to showcase their compact dimensions, optimum tool protection, high-precision drive technology, greatly improved energy efficiency and ergonomics including an optimum price-performance ratio. Five different models having clamping forces between 500 and 1,800 Kn were included in the series.

Peter Gladigau, Product Manager, drew extremely favorable conclusions from the dedicated development of highly dynamic drives over the years and said, “40% of the machines we sold over the past 12 months were from the all-electric IntElect series, and that’s well above the Euromap average of around 20% for all-electric machines.”

2018 sees the introduction of the IntElect S (Speed), designed for thin-walled parts to meet the market demand of high-speed applications. The machines will run with injection speeds between 350 and 500 mm/s and cycle times of between 3 and 10 seconds.

The high-performance model offers lower cycle time by up to one second. Demonstration in Milan will showcase the special features of all its all-electric injection moulding machines with robotic actions. Other attractions will be live medical technology presentation about a threaded rod for insulin pen; compact, efficient, automated: Carabiners produced with the IntElect2 50/360. Users can discuss any issue at the Sumitomo’s booth.

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