Sukano collaborates to develop and process a multilayer transparent Bio-based Barrier Film

SukanoSukano a leader in the development and production of additive, color masterbatches, and compounds for polyester and specialty resins has collaborated with Eurotech Extrusion Machinery, NatureWorks and Nippon Gohsei to develop and process a multilayer transparent bio-based barrier film. The initiative has enabled the packaging manufacturers to use coextruded film structure replacing the conventional fossil fuel-based structures in dry food packaging.

A number of flexible packaging are already using Ingeo resin in the film that offers lower carbon footprint including compostability. Although there is a need of a coating or metalization surface treatment of the film, the need for this can be eliminated by using the polymer as a barrier to build a coextruded structure that offers extended shelf life, clarity and compostability.

Sukano has successfully designed PLA-based masterbatches for this application. The tie layers use BTR8002P and the barrier layer uses G-polymer, both from Nippon Gohsei. The resultant combination of formulation and process conditions provide a stable bubble, excellent film transparency, and good roll quality.

The test results have shown that the use of Sukano masterbatches offered increased melt strength, better processability, good transparency and better adhesion during sealing and maintained mechanical properties. Slip agent bio-based masterbatches were used to achieve less film sticking to increase the processing window and ensuring good processability conditions with lower COF, conferring better film properties for secondary fabrication steps.

This new multilayer transparent bio-based barrier film offers a viable alternative to conventional, fossil fuel-based structures in dry food packaging such as lid films for coffee capsules or lidding films for cups and trays, flow packs, trays for snacks, biscuits packages and may be even extend to foods such as ham, fish, and meat.

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