Starlinger installs its 300th line for production of Polypropylene Sacks in the Philippines

Starlinger adstarkon sacksStarlinger, a Vienna-based engineering company, achieves a significant milestone of installing its 300th line for the production of AD*STAR block bottom valve sacks on the Philippines in early 2018.

The production of AD*STAR sacks worldwide has reached a level of 10 billion every year.  Based on high-quality polypropylene fabric made from woven tapes, the sacks are robust and need precise sack conversion. AD*STAR block bottom valve sacks go through conversion process on the conversion line ad*starKON.

Sakomoto International Packaging Corporation, the Philippine packaging manufacturer, supplies AD*STAR sacks made of plastic fabric to the local cement industry. Sakomoto operates a number of tape extrusion lines, circular looms as well as lines for coating, printing, and sack conversion in Caloocan City in the Philippine district Metro Manila.

Sakomoto’s production capacity of the sacks is around 500 million sacks every year, which is likely to increase further with the extended installed capacity. It will supply the sacks to the growing cement market.

Franz Steiner, knowing the customer since 2009, said, “There is a long-standing customer relationship between Starlinger and Sakomoto. Both sides value the excellent cooperation on the level of sales, service, and management.”

Philippine cement plants are increasingly recognizing the numerous advantages of  AD*STAR sacks increasingly preferred over paper sacks. The advantages of these sacks to the cement plants are helping AD*STAR to in increasing its market share continuously.

One of the two sack conversion lines commissioned at Sakomoto in 2018 is the 300th ad*starKON delivered by Starlinger. Both machines belong to the new generation ad*starKON HX.

The new series ad*starKON HX is extremely precise sack conversion at high operating speed, which is about 40 %  increase in production compared to its preceding model.

The customer gets advantages of higher efficiency, lower energy costs, and reduced manpower. AD*STAR sacks are ideally suited to packaging dry bulk goods such as building materials due to their high break resistance coupled with a low deadweight. The brick-shaped sacks are extremely tight and robust, which results in enormous advantages in handling, storage, and transport.

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