Sonoco Invests €8 million to Expand its Zwenkau Based Injection Molded Rigid Plastic Packaging Plant in Germany

zwenkau-plantHockenheim-based Sonoco Europe, a packaging specialist, has planned to expand its manufacturing facilities in Zwenkau, Germany, for injection molded rigid plastic packaging. Therefore, the company has added 25 new employees at the plants and has invested around 8 million Euros in them.

The company believes that the latest investment will help enhance the energy efficiency of the site. The firm manufactures injection molded rigid plastic packaging at the location with the help of modern in-mold labeling (IML) technology. IML technology helps in building appealing and eye-catching plastic containers, which are meant for sausage products, dairy produce, and uniquely showcasing spreads. Sonoco also manufactures IML lids in Zwenkau for firm paper containers.

The Zwenkau II was majorly used to supply extra space until now to meet increasing production demands. Sonoco has consistently worked on a three-shift basis since June 2016 to expand it. The production unit now supplies all lines with resin directly and completely automatically from on-site granule silos. An extra office space along with a high-bay warehouse has also been introduced by the company.

Sonoco Consumer Products Europe’s General Manager and Division Vice President, Séan Cairns said, “The sites Zwenkau I and II were already among the most modern and efficient plants in our industry. With the current investments, we will further extend this lead and react to the rapidly increasing demand for modern plastic packaging in the food market.”

The decorated IML injection-molded rigid plastic packaging of Sonoco is used by a large count of food manufacturers for moist and sensitive food products. It is due to the IML technology, which allows for combining manufacturing and labeling of containers in a single process. The label is possibly created using the same plastic that is used to make the container. Also, it is inserted straight into packaging wall. Due to the blend of the two components, materials do not need to be separated during recycling. IML paves way for a lot of design options and amazing tactile and visual effects for plastic containers.

Further, owing to the patented PermaSafe® technology of Sonoco, sterilized and pasteurized food also gets these benefits. Earlier, these products were made available in glass or tin cans. PermaSafe® packaging is actually impermeable to water vapor and oxygen and provides a snap lid. With plastic packaging, containers become resealable for consumers to eat products in parts.

Sonoco’s Sales Director Plastic Packaging, Andreas Rothschink stated, “Due to the PermaSafe® technology, our plastic containers durability rivals that of tin cans. At the same time, they offer more decoration possibilities and higher convenience for consumers.”

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