Solvay with others forms a consortium to focus on high volume production of Thermoplastic Composites

Thermoplastics ConsortiumSolvay, Premium AEROTEC, and Faurecia Clean Mobility have created IRG CosiMo, an Industry Research Group, the industry’s first private consortium to concentrate on the development of materials and process technologies for facilitating high volume production of thermoplastic composites for both the Aerospace and Automotive markets.

Solvay, Premium AEROTEC, and Faurecia Clean Mobility has entered into a three years commitment with the formation of the consortium ‘The IRG CosiMo’ and will consolidate their expertise, capabilities, and resources to achieve the R&D milestones and provide solutions for sustainable mobility. The IRG CosiMo consortium Composite will focus on adoption, industrialization and accelerating automotive and aerospace.

A public sponsored consortium (CC4.0 CosiMo), with Premium AEROTEC, Faurecia Clean Mobility and ITA Augsburg as members is going to develop new materials and processes for in-situ polymerization of Caprolactam to Polyamide 6 for high volume applications in automotive. This consortium will be part of an upcoming large project consortium in the Carbon 4.0 program of the Free State of Bavaria, Germany.

IRG CosiMos, a member of this consortium, wants to focus on a wider range of thermoplastic materials and processes. Managing the consortium, Institute of Textile Technology Augsburg GmbH (ITA Augsburg) will coordinate the scientific research program. ITA will operate the equipment used for processing new materials into tape and web-based thermoplastic composites. All machines will be housed in the Technologiezentrum Augsburg (TZA) will be open for use by companies from the network.

The inclusion of ITA, a unique textile research facility, will accelerate the development of thermoplastic tape- and web-based composite systems and will bring a lot of scientific knowledge to the group. ITA Augsburg, the unique private consortium supports demand-driven networking with short decision-making processes to maximize customer benefits.

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