Solvay restructures organization with 600 jobs cut

solvay-logoSolvay headquartered in Brussels, an advanced materials and chemical company, is taking a new step in its transformation, putting its customers at the core of its organization to enhance its long-term growth. Solvay plans to simplify its organization, which is now strongly focused on high-performance materials and tailored solutions, as well as to its changing customer base.

Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, CEO of Solvay, said, “This new step in Solvay’s transformation centers on better serving our customers. Over the past six years, we built a business portfolio to generate superior and sustainable growth. Now we need to follow through and drastically simplify our organization and processes as well as align all our resources. This will allow Solvay to provide differentiated experiences for customers and maximize value for the Group.”

The new initiative will focus on a more agile organization to support customer needs, stronger research & innovation capabilities in Lyon and an expanded R&I scope in Brussels, relocation from Aubervilliers and Paris to Lyon and Brussels.

The Group unveiled the relevant information/consultation procedures to employee representatives, which are planned to be completed by the end of June. The Group will support employees throughout this transformation process while limiting job losses as much as possible.

The simplification of the organization is expected to result in about 600 net redundancies, mainly in functional activities, including 160 in France, 90 in Portugal and 80 in Brazil. Natural turnover, voluntary leave, and internal repositioning will help to overcome these impacts. The concentration of the R&I and support activities would include the transfer to Lyon and Brussels over four years. The Group will provide comprehensive support in relocating about 500 employees.

Solvay will indicate the consequences on its financial performance over the next three years with first-quarter earnings.


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