Solvay Announces Sale of its Neolor Business to Baotou Hongbo Te Technology Co., Ltd.

solvay-logoSolvay has sold its Neolor business to Baotou Hongbo Te Technology Co., Ltd. (HBT). Solvay’s Special Chem Global Business Unit (GBU) has decided to shift its focus on selective high value-added segments in continually developing automotive and electronics sectors.

All of Neolor main equipment of GBU Special Chem is the demand of the divestment to develop Neolor products. The divestment also demands specially-designed equipment’s exclusive use. Besides, the Neolor business’s intellectual property (IP) is now HBT’s property along with Neolor’s commercial activities and marketing knowledge.

Neolor is an exclusive collection of rare earth inorganic plastic coloration pigments, which blends properties such as UV absorption, infra-red reflection, and resistance to heat and weather. The range also features properties like light and heat stability, and migration resistance, and can be availed in three colors, including light orange, orange, and red. Neolor is an appropriate answer for different kinds of plastics, such as polyamide, polycarbonate, ABS, ABS/ASA, polypropylene, PC/PBT, ASA/PC, ABS/PA, PU, and polysulfide.

Solvay Special Chem deals in selected specialties based on Rare Earths, Strontium, Barium and Fluorine on global scale. The GBU aims at serving selected industries with specialized products and solutions. These products may include rare earth-based formulations, which are used in polishing, luminophores, and automotive catalysts; Solkane 365 used as foam blowing agent in thermal insulation foams; NOCOLOK fluxes that are used in automotive heat exchangers; fluorinated intermediates for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals; barium salts for electronic passive components; and process chemicals for semiconductors.


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