SIPA launches XFORM GEN4 XP – The latest generation of preform injection molding platform


SIPA has launched its new XFORM GEN4 XP system incorporating the latest generation of preform injection molding technology that has the lowest conversion cost,  unmatched speed, flexibility and ease of use.

SIPA’s both the systems of 350 and 500-tonne capacity have been upgraded with the new technology. The upgraded systems are capable of running with molds holding up to 128 cavities and 180 respectively and can handle the most demanding applications. The new technology delivers leading short cycle times in the industry; is energy efficient and it has the lowest maintenance cost in the sector.

The XFORM GEN4 XP is fitted with an HMI with a large 21.5-inch touch screen with high-definition graphics. Other features include swipe functions just like a smartphone, a multi-function control knob for one-handed operation, and fast response times unaffected by processor load. The advanced automatic process set-up incorporated with HMI and an in-depth part quality troubleshooting tutorial will help users to improve machine up-time, lower scrap rates, and depend less on highly skilled machine operators.

The GEN4 XP’s maintenance is easier than its previous XFORM platform as the company has made changes in the accumulator area layout. The accumulators are now mounted on a pull-out rack inside the machine frame. The oil tank has been modified and does not need to be emptied in case of maintenance. It can also be used at altitudes of up to 3000 m without any modifications.

Stefano Baldassar, Global Sales Director, Preform Systems & Tooling at SIPA, said, “The net result of all these improvements is that our customers will be able to operate more consistently, at higher speeds, spending less on energy and maintenance, using a machine that will reduce conversion cost at record-low levels.”

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