SIPA conducted Open House to demonstrate Preform production and Stretch-blow Molding Machine capabilities

SIPA MachinerySIPA, based in Italy, has organized an Open House during October 22-26 in Vittorio Veneto. SIPA presented XTREME SINCRO CUBE, a unique system combining the production of preforms by injecting rotary compression, blowing of PET bottles, filling and capping with monobloc filling Flextronics. It also displayed the brand new ultra-high-speed rotary stretch-blow molding machine, XTRA, which is equipped with 14 blowing cavities.

SIPA’s open house attracted visitors from Europe, North, South and Central America, Africa and the Middle East. A complete demonstration of the capabilities of the systems was presented along with typical Italian hospitality.

XTREME SINCRO CUBE is a compact, flexible and easy to use system that is an extremely clean system due to absence of any intermediate step between the production of preforms and the blowing. The preforms, therefore, do not get any scratches. The energy consumption is also minimum, as the preforms need only minimum warm-up before being blown. Bottles with extraordinary performances can be produced with the use of injecting compression preforms with XTREME. Filling of the SIPA Flextronic bottles is state of the art.

SIPA presented at the open house, its latest model of XTRA rotary blow molders equipped with 14 cavities that offer the highest unit productivity in the industry: 2,550 bottles/hour per cavity. High-quality bottle production without stress at high speed can be produced with the help of extremely wide process active angle. The key feature of this is reduced energy consumption.

SIPA organizes a second Open House during the period 19-23 November 2, 2018, where it will present a preview of the fourth generation (GEN4) of its system of preform production XFORM GEN4, in addition to the new single-stage system ECS SP 25.

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