Sekisui SPI Opens Third Manufacturing Facility in US

Sekisui SPISEKISUI Polymer Innovations, LLC opened their third manufacturing facility on Thursday, August 18, 2016, on the 365,000 square-foot facility. Recently it has configured its first extrusion line to produce KYDEX® Thermoplastics sheet materials used in the aviation interiors market. Expansion of business is an important component of SEKISUI SPI’s success showing its strategy of continuous investment in manufacturing in Pennsylvania.

Ronn Cort, SEKISUI SPI COO & President, explained “Our parent company SEKISUI Chemical Co., is intentionally investing in the US. Strengthening our position in Pennsylvania is a direct reflection of our confidence in the North American plastics manufacturing renaissance and our commitment to create careers in manufacturing in Bloomsburg, PA and Holland, MI.”

SEKISUI SPI has adopted a strategy of mixing foreign direct investment and export dollars support exports to 33 countries and is owned by SEKISUI Chemical Co., Ltd. In 2015, SEKISUI invested $15M in Bloomsburg, PA to serve all the three facilities of SPI. South Campus is the new North American corporate headquarters of SEKISUI Chemical’s global sheet business that includes businesses in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

RonnCort said “The addition of this extrusion line has created 25 highly skilled jobs. Additional jobs will be created as we add more extrusion lines and production resources and expand our customer collaboration center including our designLab®and FSTLab™. We will continue investing in employee development, health, and safety by expanding our training. And let’s not forget future generations in manufacturing: we will continue to partner with educational institutions and local manufacturers in providing STEM initiatives and apprenticeships.”

RonnCort also pointed to the SEKISUI’s dedication to producing and selling materials with regard for environmental protection worldwide. South Campus will undergo certification as a Zero Emissions facility.

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