Scientists to develop a non-destructive system combining Vibrational,Ultrasonic and Thermal to detect flaws in Composites

Flaw Detection in Composites
Derusova, JRF from the TPU Research School of High Energy Physics, is developing a non-destructive system integrating three methods of non-destructive testing that include a vibrational, resonant ultrasonic and thermal ones. The development is of great interest for aviation and automobile industries to monitor the quality of complex and large-sized products made of composite materials having multiple physical properties. The two-year research and development project is scheduled to be completed up to 2020.

‘Every year, new composite materials appear and they challenge existing methods of non-destructive testing. Joints between the materials are of particular complexity and importance’, said, Daria Derusova, the project manager.

Ultrasonic and X-ray testing are used at the production. X-ray testing is the most accurate but it does not fit to large-sized objects that are used in aviation in large quantity. Ultrasonic facilities consume more kilowatts of electricity to stimulate materials with a mono-frequency acoustic signal.

Laser vibrometry in combination with resonant stimulation of defects is found as the most suitable modern method. Activating local resonant vibration in the area of damage results in increasing the temperature in this area. Further, an infrared camera will allow the registration of the temperature change and the data about the quality of products.

The researcher, commented, “As a result, we expect to build a laboratory facility to test large and complex objects by form. Meantime, it will consume several times less electricity than high-power ultrasonic installations. The developed approach will be an alternative to the existing methods of non-destructive testing in aviation and machine-building industry.”

The facility will be equipped of elements as resonant ultrasonic stimulation using piezoelectric transducers, a scanning laser Doppler vibrometer and an infrared camera with specialized software.

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