SAR Group and Yizumi collaborate for Plastics Automation and Services

SAR Group and Yizumi colloboration

Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., LTD. and the SAR Group of Germany have entered into a collaboration to focus on cooperation in the plastics and rubber sectors, as well as service in the Chinese market.

The collaboration is aimed to work on new solutions for Digitization in Industry 4.0, which requires a worldwide network of technology partners.  SAR Group, a technology company, and the Chinese machine manufacturer entered into cooperation creating the synergies.

SAR Group, founded in 1985, has operations in 3 continents and 7 countries with 17 branch offices.  BMW, VW, Audi, Porsche, Daimler Chrysler etc. are some of the main customers of SAR Group. SAR Group focuses on control technology, automation, and robotics in addition to plant engineering for the automotive and supplier industry. SAR Group offers additional business fields in Industry 4.0.

Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery, founded in Guangdong, China in 2002, produces injection molding, rubber and die casting machines and provides automation solutions for the foundry industry and 3D printing systems.

In addition, Yizumi has a well-developed service network in China with commissioning and service personnel and software experts. It has a presence all over the world offering a one-stop solution as an equipment supplier. The company integrates the functions of design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, and customer service.

Yizumi, as a model enterprise in the equipment technology arena, has currently established various commercial divisions, namely, injection molding machine, die-casting machine, rubber injection machine, high-speed packaging machine, and robotic automation system, achieving diversification in the equipment manufacturing industry.

Yizumi has global manufacturing bases spanning across the whole of China and also outside of China.

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