Sales of Plastic Crates and Cases in European Countries

Plastics Crates Market Scenario

Plastic crates and cases are commonly used for a number of applications in varied market segments including storage, transportation, distribution and handling of products.

Plastic crates specifically High-density polyethylene (HDPE) crates & Polypropylene (PP) crates have almost replaced wooden boxes in recent years.

The demand from for using plastics crates and cases in the European region is due to its suiting properties like – longer shelf life, safe for food and other edibles, lightweight and offer ease of transportation. The molding of the crates is commonly done by injection molding to produce intricate shape and sizes.

Sale of plastic crates and cases are increasing at a marginal rate over last three years, primarily in the European countries. The prices of crates are also rising due to high consumption of plastic materials and increasing resin prices.

European Plastics Crate Market

Among all European countries, The United Kingdom is the leading country in sales of these crates and cases with 2335kt of quantity in the year 2016. It was further followed by The Netherland and Germany with 818kt and 597kt respectively.

Some of the other major European countries selling these plastic crates and cases include Poland (317kt), Spain (307kt), Italy (173kt), France (170kt), Sweden (42kt) and Portugal (20kt).

Applications in the different sector

Plastic crates and cases are always in demand because of their varied uses in different segments. These applications comprise:

Carbonated Drinksstorage, handling, transport & distribution
Milk & Dairy Productshandling, transportation & distribution
Fisheries & Marinestorage, handling, transport & meat  product distribution
Automobile industryStorage
Electrical & ElectronicsStorage & handling
PharmaceuticalsStorage, handling and distribution
Agro-productsStorage & handling
Textile industryStorage & handling
Defense sectorStorage & handling of bombs
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