SABIC launches new filament to help part producers increase their productivity

SABIC polyetherimide partSABIC recently announced the launch of its AMS31F filament which is the company’s breakaway support material for fused deposition modeling. This latest filament showcases rigidity during printing and provides exceptional pliability during post-processing to enable easier removal of scaffolding at room temperature. This further helps to reduce the time required to produce finished parts. The new AMS31F filament is for use with SABIC’s ULTEM AM9085F filament, a high-performance polyetherimide (PEI) material that provides high heat resistance and mechanical strength which are optimal properties for potential aerospace applications, as well as for automotive, oil and gas and tooling applications.

Keith Cox, senior business manager, Additive Manufacturing, SABIC says: “Using structural supports to print parts with complex geometries is essential, but it can also be quite challenging. Removing traditional supports from the finished part often involves time-consuming processes that can negatively impact productivity and quality. By offering a complementary support material for our ULTEM AM9085F filament, SABIC is providing a complete material solution that helps customers save time and effort. Additionally, the ease of support material removal provides part designers greater flexibility in defining print orientation to optimize part performance.”

SABIC’s new AMS31F filament supports part producers to enhance their productivity by helping in time reduction for removal of structural supports. SABIC’s patent pending material formulation was developed for use with ULTEM AM9085F filament to balance excellent adhesion during printing with the ability to easily remove the scaffolding during post processing. Its in contrast to the competitive support materials that often require reheating to facilitate removal, SABIC’s AMS31F filament easily separates at room temperature, reducing post-production time. The filament’s white color provides a sharp contrast to the amber color of ULTEM filament, which allows operators to more quickly identify the structures to be removed.

Tracy Albers, president of Rapid Prototype + Manufacturing LLC (RP+M)- an additive manufacturing company in Avon Lake, Ohio says:  “SABIC is providing service bureaus with a complete material solution that effectively combines the high performance of ULTEM™ filament with their efficient AMS31F support filament. The ease of support material removal simplifies our secondary operations process and provides a higher quality part for our customers.”

Davide Ardizzoia, chief executive officer of 3ntr – an additive manufacturing system company in Oleggio, Italy says: “The adhesion between the ULTEM AM9085F filament and SABIC’s new AMS31F support filament is excellent at high temperatures and detaches easily at room temperature, eliminating the need to reheat parts.”

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