SABIC introduces its unique PP Ultra-melt Strength Resin to its Global Foam Portfolio

SABIC PP ultra meltSABIC, by building up a large bank of knowledge on foaming technologies has developed a dedicated, diverse global foam portfolio, applicable in almost all industrial applications. SABIC has launched its SABIC PP-UMS (Ultra Melt Strength) resin – a completely new generation of melt strength polypropylenes.

With a melt strength of more than 65 cN and outstanding foam-ability, the new resin can be used by all industry segments as a building block to develop new foaming solutions that offer an unprecedented level of light weighting, especially in the Automotive, Packaging and Building & Construction markets.

Frank de Vries, SABIC’s global Foam & Lightweight Leader, said, “Looking to the future of light weighting, we see that foaming is a key technology to push the boundaries and create even more down gauging opportunities in the industry. For this reason, our global teams are busy developing the next generation of foam-able resin solutions for the market. These solutions can be used in many processing technologies to best meet the unmet needs of the value chain.”

SABIC’s Foam Innovation Center (FIC), located in The Netherlands is equipped with most foam technology capabilities as well as analytical equipment. FIC has evaluated and optimized the new SABIC PP-UMS material

“We all face many global challenges due to an ever-growing population and increasingly limited resources. Foaming is key to help solving these challenges, by pushing industries to invest in solutions that are both sustainable and cost-efficient, with enhanced material properties. We are keen to invite customers and value chain partners to work with us to further develop these innovative solutions, thus enabling our mutual ambitions. That’s what we at SABIC call Chemistry That Matters™ “, added Frank de Vries.

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