RTP Company Builds Plastic Technology That Fights Chemical Attack from Hospital Disinfectants

RTP Plastic Technology For Chemical Attack from Hospital DisinfectantsA proprietary alloy technology has been recently developed by RTP Company, which aims to maintain strength, integrity, and functionality, regardless of being repeatedly exposed to hospital cleaners that are used for disinfecting medical devices.

The new technology has been dubbed RTP 2000 HC series, which has the power to solve cracking issues in old devices while paving the way for new opportunities to design plastic housings and hospital equipment that often need disinfection. The equipment may include x-ray machines, mobile ultrasound, drug infusion pumps, enteral feeding devices, and blood filtration equipment.

The RTP 2000 HC series offers an exclusive solution to a big problem of damage and premature, terrible failure of plastic tools and equipment, and plastic housings which is caused by harsh cleaners or disinfectants largely used in medical settings. RTP engineers tested various polymers for resistance to damage to six hospital cleaners and disinfectants’ chemical classes. Molded compounds were bounded by stressors so as to repeat relative resistance and field failures. The company optimized the best performer for chemical damage resistance, flammability, physical properties and colorability.

The new series is available across the globe in Flame/non-Flame Retardant version. Also, the compounds are colorable. The RTP 2000 HC series can be bought in sheet format, with its thickness ranging from .02 to .25” through RTP’s Engineered Sheet Products (ESP) division.

The 2000 HC series thermoplastic compounds can be used by injection molding firms and OEMs, which manufacture housings, equipment and part for medical facilities, as an alternative for other amorphous resins, including PC/PBT and PC/ABS. The new series has proved itself for excellent chemical resistance under molded in stress situations, which allows injection molders and OEMs to enhance their medical device quality and service.

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