RPC Superfos develops a Wedge-shaped injection moulded polypropylene Packaging Solution for Cheese

RPC Superfos wedge-shaped injection moulded polypropylene Cheese PackagingRPC Superfos has developed a convenient and customized cheese packaging solution that has added new features into cheese packaging for the latest high-quality cheese produced by Skånemejerier, one of the leading manufacturers of mature cheese in Sweden.

The new Allerum mature cheese of the company is packed in a wedge-shaped pack with an oxygen-barrier label that facilitates customers with no need for a serving plate and at the same time not requiring finger-contact in serving the product.

To make the packaging aesthetically appealing the upper part is kept transparent so that tempting yellow color of the cheese is visible. The packaging is injection molded and made from polypropylene. The inner has a plastic seal, and the packaging maintains oxygen barrier label.

Jannica Andersson, Brand Manager Allerum & Cheese at Skånemejerier, explained, “Convenience is a significant trend, and cheese packaging has not really changed since the 1950s. We wanted to step up and offer consumers a striking new solution for our Allerum series of mature cheese.”

Jannica, added, “Our new packaging from RPC Superfos means that re-packing the cheese into a plastic bag after first use for cool storage becomes superfluous. The cheese stays aromatic and is well-protected in the pack after opening. This reduces the number of plates that go into dishwasher as the lid works as a serving plate.”

Skånemejerier has conducted a range of qualitative and quantitative tests during the development phase of the pack. The consumer’s responses suggested new adjustments to the product and its technical drawings. The green signal for production was given only when consumers gave very positive feedback after trying the final version at home for a week.

Jannica, explained, “We approached a few packaging suppliers to get the project started and worked with several of them during the sketching and testing phase. At the end of the day, we opted for RPC Superfos, as this provider of packaging solutions could meet all our requirements. Their team was creative, attentive and flexible to any changes in the packaging development process.”

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