RPC Bramlage Spain to produce bottle made from recycled (PCR) HDPE polymer for L’Oréal

L’Oréal recycled (PCR) HDPE BottleRPC Envases Madrid, the first supplier of the bottle produced from post-consumer recycled (PCR) HDPE polymer to L’Oréal Europe, has made an agreement with L’Oréal Europe for the supply of bottles on a regular basis.

The Redken and Biolage professional haircare brands are now packed in bottles that contain 50% recycled HDPE supplied by BIFFA. The new arrangement of the supply of bottles made from recycled materials shows a shift of about 50 tonnes from virgin to recycled material on an annual basis. The new trend is a significant one to continue with the use of recycled materials in the branded products.  L’Oréal has a strong commitment in the use of recycled material.

In addition to the above, the Redken bottle will now have the closures made of recycled polymer. The closures will be produced by RPC Zeller Plastik Barcelona, the company with a strong commitment to use recycled polymer. RPC Zeller Plastik Barcelona has just been appointed to produce the closure.

Pierre Bougrain, General Manager, said, “These latest developments underline the importance RPC Bramlage Spain attaches to the devising of sustainable packaging solutions.”

RPC, established in 1991 in the UK, is a leading international design and engineering company in plastic products in packaging and non-packaging markets. Its centers of excellence are spread over in the world having a  turnover of around £3.9bn. The company has more than 32 design and engineering centers and more than 189 operations in more than 34 countries around the globe.

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